record / pause button

a pause button !
the original tt/hauppauge software contains a simple button to pause a recording such as a normal vcr does when hitting pause.
this way i dont have a lot of single files that need to be put together after recording but one that contains only the scenes i wanted to record.

schedule changing channel in EPG

would it be possible to add a function similar to right-click "record" in EPG for just changing the channel?
i sometimes like to schedule switching channel, but i have to remember the exact time and channel number and do it manually (add command), which kinda sucks.
or maybe i'm missing st.

Channel switching, scheduler

Request for automatic channel switching to 1 from OSD after some delay when I press 1 on the keyboard and preset 10 exists too (or 2 when 20 exists and so on).

Request for single-use scheduler (sleep timer), not as permanent preset (always forget turn off this preset after ProgDVB start up).

I use Windows HC theme (green on black) and default ProgDVB skin - as e result in channellist i get folder titles green on white
- green on black would be so much better

In Hokey Shortcut Application, Add ability Minimize program to Systemtray and when Minimize Mute Sound (this setting remove in newly version‼)

This is very very usefull. TANX Best regard and Programmer


1. More info about TP and satelite
2. Info about channel encryption
3. Permanent OSD and information about Mb/s video rate and info about fps rate

for the moment 3 request

Hi. I have 2 feature requests:

1. Support DXVA.
Maybe you could use MPC-CE (media player classic home cinema edition) codecs. h264 and VC1 hardware acceleration (DXVA) is supported.

info here:
the filters are available as stand alone filters:

It's a sourceforge project, so the source is available is you want to integrate it into progdvb if it's allowed by it's license.

2. An option for Internet Gateway to send the audio stream unmodified (without re-compression), and an option not to send video.

I just want to listen music from some tv or radio stations when I'm at another computer. My DSL upload speed is 384kbps. It is more than the typical stereo audio stream bandwidth, so it is possible to send the audio stream to another computer without any re-compression.
People with 1024kbps upload can send even ac3 (384kbps) or dts (768kbps only, not 1500+ dts) audio.


I don't say tha progdvb has a problem, I just say that I cannot select any H264 video codecs that can use the DirectX Video Accelleration, only coreavc and elecard options are available.

I have many codecs that support H264 (ffdshow, divx, mpc-hc standalone filters) but they are not available on the list. If you think it is some kind of bug on the codecs I can inform their developerts about that so they may fix it.

P.S. If you need technical info about implementing DXVA2 H264 accelleration on ProgDVB there is plenty of information on msdn, or you may contact me. I dont want to write techical information in the "feature requests" topic.