Re: Feature Requests

1. Check Settings->Options->Controls->Bind.
it still won't start timeshift. Maybe because some keyboards have same Play/Pause media key to toggle. In my opinion it should react to such events by default.
2. Manual search is quite technical dialog. Not for end-user. Channel list->Search is more friendly and simple.
but it will still unnecessary auto search C band on universal LNB. I'm sure that far more advanced users(like bellow) won't mind shorter menus or quicker auto search time.

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reduce OSD info size if no EPG :idea:

Re: Feature Requests

avada wrote:
Prog wrote:For example EVR is total standart windows render and quality not depended from ProgDVB. If you have bad quality in EVR, then have bad quality in 70% of software and that is driver problem.
Hence the feature request. :)

(Actually I can't think of anything that uses EVR at present. With my media player I already use madVR, flash doesn't use as far as I know. Neither does the browser's HTML5 player)
It looks like it's only a problem on windows 8/8.1. I tried it on another machine with and AMD GPU instead of NVIDIA the same thing happened. Also tried with an Intel laptop which had windows 7 on it looked right. No such horrid aliasing.

seek to end

timeshift is great and all, but it's no easy to go back to live.
example of Yt
Live: Ready to get back to the real-time coverage of the event? Just click the Live button, and we'll take you there.

Another small feature