Newmi products support

Please to the developers, include thse Newmi products it your support lists, specially these DM20S, because many of these products are out in the market and many people have bought them and were frustrated that when then find out progdvb and other third party software like it doesnt support it..

Recording all audio streams


Recording all audio streams would be a cool feature :-)

- Easy handling to recording with EPG and not recording with PID recorder
- Why recording the whole PID when we need only one video stream with all audio streams?
- Its very uncomfortable to programming EPG recording
- easier to extract audio and video data to build a dvd
- last, not least: its a very cool feature :-)


Always on top feature

Hi there, thanks for this great freeware program.

The version I'm using is 5.12.04

The feature that I was going to ask is one that present in previous version.
All the window modes had their own "Stay on top" property.
This feature is gone now; when I select "Stay on top" all the window modes are staying on top.
It would be better if all the window modes had their own property.
This is useful when I want the "TV Window" to stay on top but the "Normal Screen" to not stay on top.

Also it would be nice to have a keyboard shortcut to switch between window modes.

I also saw a bug when switching between window modes.
If the ProgDVB window is expanded when in "Normal Window" mode and I switch to "TV Window" mode, the TV Window is also expanded so it can not be resized. I have to switch back to "Normal Window" mode and restore window and switch back to "TV Window" mode.

Thanks again

At first: Thank you very much for your great afford developing progdvb!
After changing to a PCIe System I had to change to softmode with my Nexus.
Version 5.12. is the first one not crashing after some channel changes. I'm very glad to see your success.

I have one little wish:
The new Teletext does not have the possibility to cache the sites to HD. (Or I'm to stupid to find it out)
I'd like to define a special HD (ramdisk) to save the pages and as an extra bonus to define the channels and page numbers to save. Like this:

Thank you once more
and greatings from germany

Hi , Thanx for ur big effort Prog

it will be nice to improve channels changing speed , i think this is an important issue
OS : Win XP SP2
CPU : P4 Intel 3.00 GHz "HT"
Memory : 2 GB
DVB-S : Sky Star 2 (2.6D) ( 4.4.0 )
Hotbird 13.0°E | Badr-3/4 26.0°E | Nilesat 101/102 7.0°W

ProgDVB is excellent, but I would really like to be able to add to ProgDVB's scheduler from outside ProgDVB.

A suggestion is via the command line:

ProgDVB.exe "/schedule start time" "/how long to record for" "/channel name or number to record" "/C:\path to record\file to record.mpg"

Or perhaps via just writing to the scheduler.dat file and have those entries "officially" absorbed into the scheduler

If this feature could be implemented any number of other applications could be used to drive ProgDVB's scheduler in an *automated* fashion rather than having to *manually* set schedules from within ProgDVB itself.

Is it Possible to add some choices at Setup Menu of ProgDVB ?
Select Device. couse i've got two devices and it always set the first one device.
Install or NOT install new Transponders. Cause usualy i have update the Transponder with new settings and when i install Progdvb i've got old settings.
my stuff:

1st PC: Core2Quad (2.5Ghz), ASUS Proximus Extreme (1007), 2GB ram, nvidia 9600GT*2 (PCIe) + 7950GX2,
< 1stDVB - TechnoTrend S2300 + C.I. /Driver Technotrend 219h>
and < 2ndDVB - TechnoTrend S2300 /Driver Technotrend 219h>.
WinVista32 Ultimate. ProgDVB 5.x

2nd PC: AMD 4600+ X2 (2.51Ghz), GIGABYTE GA-K8NSC-939 ( F8 ), 3GB ram, nvidia FX5950ultra (AGP).
< 1stDVB - Hauppauge NEXUS-s/Driver Technotrend 219h>
and < 2ndDVB - Hauppauge NEXUS-s + C.I. /Driver Technotrend 219h>.
WinXP 32PRO. ProgDVB 5.x

3st PC: AMD 4200+ X2 (2.2Ghz), Asus A8n32-SLI Deluxe, 3GB Ram, Nvidia 9600gt 512mb (PCI-E),
<1stDVB - Hauppauge NEXUS-s /Driver Technotrend 219h>
and <2ndDVB - TechnoTrend S2300 + C.I. /Driver TechnoTrend 2.19h>.
WinVista 32 Ultimate, ProgDVB 5.x

LNB (13E,19E,39E,16E,42E,30W,1W,5E,26E,28E)

my wish-list: automatic aspect ratio

one of the features I'm really missing is the automatic aspect ratio.
Say yu're watching a movie which is broadcasted in 16:9. Now if this movie
gets interrupted by advertisement or news (which are mostly broadcasted in 4:3) the aspect ratio in ProgDVB won't change and the result are distorted pictures. You have manually switch the channel forward and backward in order to get a correct aspect ratio.
In the Hauppauge TV application this works.

one of the features I'm really missing is the automatic aspect ratio.
also change aspect ratio without reselect channel ( if possible ) & add zoom function to fill the black border also without reselect channel ( if possible )

And thank u very much Prog 8)
OS : Win XP SP2
CPU : P4 Intel 3.00 GHz "HT"
Memory : 2 GB
DVB-S : Sky Star 2 (2.6D) ( 4.4.0 )
Hotbird 13.0°E | Badr-3/4 26.0°E | Nilesat 101/102 7.0°W

how about a html control site? like yweb for Dbox. where you can control everything in progdvb from another PC?

i.e. i like to use my PDA and notebook as a remote over Wlan, so i can control progdvb w/o a ir remote on my other PC. i use Pebbles for it. i created my own work layout (just like a remote control) with the most used buttons :)
works realy well over wlan. ... n01eq7.jpg
a little html site would make this way easier.
what do u think?

Just some thoughts:

1. Some VERY important commands missing in ProgDVB 5x:
NextFolder, PrevFolder, ChangeAudioStream
Just to note how much they are important (at least for ppl like me who sit a bit away from the PC and want to do all the cammands with remote):
Imagine you have 8 favorite folders with 30 channels in each,
now you are in middle of a folder and want to go to some other folder, you'll have to press the Down button and keep it until you reach the desired folder, not bad but just imagine you have the 8 folders open and are in the last channel of the eighth folder, now you want to go to the first channel of the first folder :shock: , you'll have to press Up and skip some 240 channels to get there, :cry: , In the 4x generation however you just press NextFolder and PrevFolder buttons and done. (can life get easier than this realy :wink: )
For the ChangeAudioStream option too you'll have to restore to window mode and do it with mouse (PITA if you have many multilingual channels that when autoupdate themeselves revert back to the original language. :wink: ), I know we can set the language in options but some channels show lang and sub info with numbers and need editing.
Well, just 3 simple commands and that much of time and work saved :idea:

2. The teletext in the previous versions did not disapear after the common 5 second OSD timelimit and I would close it with the OK button which was nice beacase now it disapeares and I have to press a button to keep it open, now if I want to realy read something I have to press a button every few seconds to keep the teletext open which is not so nice , Having these in mind I think it's better for EPG and teletext to be closed manualy by pressing OK or some other button of choice as it was in the 4x gen.
also I've set the VoumeUp and Down commands to the Right and Left buttons of the remote (which is the standard for remotes that don't have special volume buttons), so I'm missing the Right and Left Commands that's needed to browse the subpages , i.e: subpage 2,3,... of page 110.
any ideas ? :idea:

and 3. Thanks for making the best DVB app and I hope by readding these little features to the program you will make it closer to perfection. :wink:

...Sorry that it got too long and waiting for your reply Prog. 8)

Alternative channel-search for DVB-C & DVB-T

Some time ago I asked about transponder-list free channel-search method for DVB-C users. What’s the status of this input? Is it possible to adopt this into ProgDVB?

There are several other applications / tools which support this technique. One good example is w_scan.

Note, it would be also for DVB-T users some very helpful thing.

TT Budget C-1500 incl. TT Budget CI with driver Version 2.19h (28.11.2006), Win ME & Win Vista 64bit