Audio problems in 6.24


I used 6.23 and as many has reported here it has sound problems. I tried new version 6.24 and still same problems - sound crackles and then completly disappears :( I like Prog DVB and want to buy it but the sound problem must be fixed first. I have tried various of settings but none help. I don't need superduper hifi - I settle with sound from my humble sound blaster compatible card. I use microsoft duplexer.

Trial expires tomorrow :(

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Prog wrote:try change demux in first page of settings->Options.

ps: You can take one more trial key on -> trial
One more thing - I recorded a show yesterday where the sound crackled up and then disappeared. But when I checked the ts-file the sound was there without any problems! Seems the problem occurs when you watch something live.

I'll try the options box later tonight. I did try it with version 6.23 but then progdvb crashed. Maybe different with 6.24 - I get back to you about that.


same problems here, currently all works fine (don't know why) but before i got the sound crackles too and also a async for that.. so i needed to use VLC to watch TV and ProgDVB only to record it to VideoBuffer.tmp_0

I use ProgDVB x64 Version and as Codec ffdshow (K-Lite Codec Pack Corporate)
and as Video Render: VMR-9 Renderless

hope that helps to make ProgDVB a lot of better than it already is ;)

kind regards

ah btw... please fix your capcha^^ This really sucks :D
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