Is ProDVB NOT for NTSC ?

I have several times tryed to get the NBC feeds on Telstar 12, 15 west to funck on ProgDVB, but it does NOT !!!!

I try to scan the 11519H 11526 H and 11532H feeds,, there's good signal, but when trying to lock these , the signals is lost to 000, so scan is not possibel !

What is wrong ?

Re: Is ProDVB NOT for NTSC ?

No they are regular S ! Haven't you seen these channels from USA ? I have followed them for many years. They changes from 15 west to Eurobird 9, 9 east sometime in 2009, transmitted in PAL, easely received, and now they have moved to Atlantic Bird 1, 11161V 5632 , firstly in Pal, but since last week in NTSC again. And I am curious on seeing what goes on on the old feeds on Telstar 12, 15 west these days ( nights ! from 05:35 CET ) Looks like regular MSNBC, but what happens during this night, Is "Saturday Night Live" on, or not, since it's no signals from the Arquive feed on Atlantic bird 1 in the weekends. It's transmitted from the BT tower I hear, please correct me if this is wrong. I complained yesterday to their cutoff of the programs ( Last Call ), and last night all the programming was transmitted in full on AB1 !! I Record them and edit so only for the music in the programmes is saved but the whole of "Last Call", since the "Last Call" with Carson Daly is probably the best culture program sent from th US to Europe. As the other two shows it's not on in the US in the weekends ( ? ), only Saturarday Nigh Live, 05:35 (Cet) sunday morning and USA Ishockey early monday morning. It's hard to say say really, cause Carson Daly mentioned his next program this sunday, but that is shure only for the NBC USA in California!

Again ::: Why can't ProgDVB open the NTSC feeds on Telstar 12 ???
The signal is very good initially, but falls when trying to lock before scanning ! It then is complitly zero ! Please anyone ?
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Re: Is ProDVB NOT for NTSC ?

As we should keep in mind, Prog lives in Russia.
This for, many western birds don't cover his location. Elevation may be still slightly above the horizon there, but he is way out of most of the (Ku band) footprints.
So his chance is very small, to take up any NTSC signals from the western world. (So is mine, due to fixed community dishes only)
No idea, if Prog can reach any of the far eastern NTSC positions instead.

BTW, my Nexus can do NTSC in HW mode, as this is a feature of it's device options. Tested that with ProgDVB some years ago here.
When using software mode, that option is disabled, as the colour standard and / or frame rate don't matter for the tuner.
Only the codec has to handle this. Or in case also a TV out hardware, like from the graphics card used.
Even the DVB software would not have to know anything about PAL or NTSC, as it does not handle the stream contents, just lets the codec do that job.
As far as I know, all codecs should be able to decode NTSC, but some may need some settings to be done.

Not getting signals or tuning to wrong streams would not be a colour system issue at all.
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