Re: 6.63.02 - HD disappeared

yes - waited for the recordings yesterday.
NOTHING was recorded, but the SD on ZDF-neo and the scond HD on DAS ERSTE are marked successful"...

Just recreated the timers: delete, than via EPG picked the events and marked them again, set them to weekly Mo-Fr, switch and mute and end after recording.

Checked the timerlist in MS - empty.

the sh...-Technisat-card I assume (Skystar 2 hd)

Maybe I´ll change that next weekend with an Hauppauge Nova HD S2 ....

Recording problmems

a) UTC+1
b) Havent another Quadcore to test (Singlecore wit 2.4 seems a little bit to slow for HD I Think)
c) 11:40, 14:09, 15:09

11:40 passed: no recording at all, ProgDVB-Service is running (just here local 12:16)
The version before 23.05.11 has worked perfect!

Re: 6.63.02 - HD disappeared

hmmmm... didnt think that thats the reason.
Win7-64 says: Region 1 (Berlin and other) and additionally "respect summertime"
Which results to have the "right" time in system.
Lets say, the clock of windows in taskkbar is ok, all files I´m writing elsewhere are stamped with the right (summer-)time.
so I assume, that the creation date of ProgDVB-files are also correct (!) - and therefore one hour to late!

BTW: Yesterday NO RECORDING at all...

Re: 6.63.02 - HD disappeared

Well I have tried the scheduled recording for two days and it has worked for me.

The setting was to do nothing if ProgDVB not started. Therefore I have left the application open and the recordings have started.

Tried with recordings set from EPG and some manually set ones.

Re: 6.63.02 - HD disappeared

two different worlds ;-)

I´ve tried the tip to start ProgDVB before and leave open.
As yesterday:
11:40 SD zdf_neo is marked as successfull for today, but no file.
14:09 Das ERSTE HD is just running - but nor rec-Symbol nor a file.

Cannot understand, why the ProgDVB-Service worked perfect a long time, even when ProgDVB wasnt active - the service than did the start and records.

Will be edited when 15:09 (local has come) ;-)

Re: 6.63.02 - HD disappeared

Same as before:

noticed recorded at 1140 and 14:09 there is an successful done entry - even with the right content. 1509 wont be recorded anyway.
I left ProgDVB open as you told me.
in all cases i Said what to do after recring "end program".
Why the hell 2 recordings possible?
Why the third one wasnt even tried?

ProgDVB-Button in Tasklist now has disappeared, but no EroorMessage of a crash.

Local time : 1841

Re: 6.63.02 - HD disappeared

for my opinion not.
Setting pre- and after-delay to Zero (in main9 I've no overlapping scheduled times... ;-(

But an interestin detailg:
.ts from HD normally for 50 mins is araound 2 GB. Recording today is < 4 GB, but only contains the first HD-scheduled recording.

So I will probe tomorrow:
checking again against overlapping (which BTW should be a work for the program - just an idea)
Deleting in Timers the "end" statement .

Will report tomorrow!

Thy a dozend time for your constructive and quick help-tries.... ;-)
I'm sure we will find a solution!