strange sound problem in progdvb

When i start the program and choose any channel for few secounds everythig is ok but after that the programm beginn to act strange : sound is fading out to total silence and the picture is moving like in slow motion bit by bit. Control buttons (like pause etc.) and rewind doest work. have tried to reinstall (also with old versions), change codecs, even system backup nothing helped.
I have the latest ver of progdvb.
Anyone have an idea what's going on?
Sorry for bad english.
Screenshot - 2011-08-07 , 21_56_23.jpg

Re: strange sound problem in progdvb

Prog wrote:10MBytes is too small size.
Sure 100 MB makes a difference thanks again.
I don't understand why all this settings suddenly changed.
I been using progdvb for monts without any problem just download and install and it worked fine but one day it suddenly start to act strange after crash (blue screen). It crashes often recently and after crash the settings change. Why?