SAT>IP Protocol support


I like ProgDVB, and because I'm in the process to change my current infrastructure I need SAT>IP support.

Some info about this protocol:

Protocol specification:

More or less, is a lightweight protocol for DVB signals over IP Networks (using RTPS, unicast and HTTP). My idea is deploy in my home some SAT>IP servers, and use them with real STBs, PC and mobiles. Why you need to attach a tuner to a PC when you can use the same tuner for all devices?

The problem, at time, is ProgDVB -my favourite software for PC-. It lacks SAT>IP support. Please, can you add support for it?

Others in Windows, like DVB Viewer or WatchTVPro have already support.
In Linux, VDR, XBMC, TVHeadend, has now support. Also, someone has created a virtual dvb driver for Linux:
For iOS and Android pay/free Apps are also available.

I feel that Microsoft needs to create a BDA driver for SAT>IP. However, when this arrives, ProgDVB needs to add support for it.

Please can you do it? You agree?
Thank you!

Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

Prog wrote:Thanks for information. You can try enable IPTV client in ProgDVB and create m3u list of channels. But I am not test that :)

Thank you for the response. Nevertheless, I feel this don't work:

1) If you use m3u lists of channels of the SAT>IP server, you only receive video,audio PIDs. Don't have any control about other streams.

2) With the IPTV client you can process the full TS? I try to do this, but I can't scan channels inside the TS.

Please, if you can, add a "dirty TS receiver" module to receive UDP/RTS Transport Streams. At minimum, we can start to test support. Another option is add support in the m3u list for Full Transport Streams. Obviously this will be far of best solution (no PID filtering), but at minimum it can be a temporal option.

I hope you can add full support for SAT>IP protocol in the near future. I feel this will be the facto standard for receives "inside" PCs in next years!


Re: SAT>IP Protocol support


Don't work. My tuner exports this file " ... -Video.m3u":

Code: Select all

#EXTINF:0,Das Erste HD
#EXTINF:0,RTL Television
With VLC I can view channels, both opening the ".m3u" file or directly with the RTSP URL.
However, with ProgrDVB IPTV Client I can't! The scanning process NEVER founds anything.

Please, can you fix/upgrade the IPTV Client to support this protocol?
If you need I can provide logs or test samples (xml, m3u files, etc; or captured streams).
For example, the root file is "":

Code: Select all

<satellite name="Astra 19,2°E">
<serviceListURL type="video">/SAT2IP/ServiceList-5-Video.xml</serviceListURL>
<serviceListURL type="radio">/SAT2IP/ServiceList-5-Radio.xml</serviceListURL>
<serviceM3UURL type="video">/SAT2IP/ServiceList-5-Video.m3u</serviceM3UURL>
<serviceM3UURL type="radio">/SAT2IP/ServiceList-5-Radio.m3u</serviceM3UURL>
Thank you in advance!

Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

Prog wrote:IPTV client not support RTSP. Can you use http/ts on server?
Sadly, my hardware don't support TS over HTTP!
The standard SAT>IP specificies that this is optional, for legacy support (aka UPNP-DLNA rendereres).

Perharps you like to review this software:

I feel that with good example source code, like this one, you can complete a simple module for ProgDVB for support SAT>IP network tuners.

Can I help you?

Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

Prog wrote:RTSP not good in current version of ProgDVB. I plan do that in near future.

btw, what device you have? Can you send me some logs of RTSP sessions?
Sure! :D

My device: Smart Mirage CX-02, a very inexpensive STB HD DVBS2 with one SAT>IP simple server (works with all other SAT>IP software in Windows/Android/iOS, tested by myself; it only lacks quality/level signal of tuned transporders, but tunning and filtering requests works).

Related to RTSP logs: send me your requests! With ffmpeg, I can do requests and it works. Which software I need to use to provide sessions logs?


Re: SAT>IP Protocol support


I'm very confused! I can use ffmpeg to restreaming RTSP to other procotols (RTP unicast and UDP) that works with VLC and TSReader; but it don't work with IPTV module.

I try these commands:

$ ffmpeg.exe -i rtsp:// -map 0:p:12604:0 -codec copy -f rtp rtp://

$ ffmpeg.exe -i rtsp:// -map 0:p:12604:0 -codec copy -f mpegts udp://

And I can see the channel (three pids, video, audio, teletext) with VLC. Why it don't work with ProgDVB? My testing m3u file content is:


Please, help me!

Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

Prog wrote:Actually TS over http is most simple for iptv client. But many other protocols supported also. hls for example not bad.

ps: RTSP log still very interesting for me.

1) Which protocols? Can you list them? I can't found this information in the documentation of the ProgrDVB!

2) Which software I need to use to create the logs? If you only need some examples, at the end of the standard specification you can found some. Read the PDF at pages 64-65, section "Appendix B: Example SAT>IP Message Exchanges". It's just that you like! ... on_1_2.pdf

I hope you can provide some support for SAT>IP soon. :D