Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

Prog wrote:I am not like spend lot of time for one exotic config.

Need more information. What different with hardware device? on RTP level?
Hi Prog,

To compile minisatip you only need to execute make, in less than a minute you have it compiled and functional. Very easy to use. However, I'll do more testing with it, I'll try to found differencies between my current hardware DVB-S (ALi) server and the software version (minisatip).
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Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

Prog wrote:Any problems with current version and plugins?
With the current version of the Terrestrial SAT>IP device the video/audio is choppy. It reminds me when at starting of the SAT>IP DVB-S implementation in ProgDVB the stream has problems... I feel is a problem with packets loss or parsing of the RTP packets.

Please, can you revise this part of the code?

Re: SAT>IP Protocol support


I tried to use the SAT>IP with my Digibit R1 SAT>IP server.
But there are only some channels found on the scan.

I use a quattro LNB on the device so may the problem is the "src" parameter in the satip url?
Is there a way to change this?

I attached the log files of the scan.
SAT>IP scan log
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Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

Yes, no signal.

DVBViewer (RS) is working without any problem.
Do you will need a log of DVBViewer?

As I know (mean to know) may there is a problem with "pid=all".
It looks like the GSS DSI 400 doesn't accept this parameter.
And the Digibit R1 is using the same firmware as the GSS box.

Maybe the solution is to scan the pids seperate (PAT,NIT,SDT,....)