Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

Well I have tested with DVB Viewer and it doesn't work. Furthermore I have tried to update the firmware and something went wrong... now is in a boot loop. If I manage to recover it I will try with your tool.
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Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

Prog wrote:btw, I am still not can use my DSS 400.
do mean triax tss 400 ? or gss dsi 400?

Prog wrote:What IP after reset? upnp not working in my network....
mean you there the upnp Device Remove ?

if the Sat>ip Server restart then should some minutes later a Device Added Response come

with that can you call
var baseHost = new Uri(((IUPnPDeviceDocumentAccess)device).GetDocumentURL());
_serverAddress = baseHost.Host;

or you use ssdp then can you use the Location Header

Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

triax tss 400

I mean upnp bad working in my network. May be too many different device in my network. btw, my friend test tss 400 in other network and it is working only over Microtik switchs but not working over other switchs.

It most crazy device in my history. I think not support pids=all because too slow chip. But why request upnp? Normal IP always more stable.

Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

sure, if the satip device something similar static Ip Setup has, is it no Problem
but not all had so that

ok some have tried it in the isp router with device with this mac should become this ip

i find for the Users is Plug and Play and useability importend

and yes the Triax tss is a Little dirty Diva but this device is the reference device from ses
with other words" works your Software with it, runs it on all other, that is the befitt