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Lost trafic

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 1:55 pm
by seba

I am using ProgDVB for some years already and lately I have some problems with the DVB-T2 transmitter in my area... it seem to be losing some data traffic. Or at least this is what I see in the traffic information window from ProgDVB.

If this lost traffic goes over 49000 bytes the audio and video start going out of sync.
The audio (MP2) and video codec (H264) is ffdshow, the set demux is Prog also the audio render is Prog audio render.
In the logs each time this happens it is logged as CRC error.

I would have the following questions:
1. That traffic window really shows the lost traffic from the received stream or it shows some bytes that are skipped by ProgDVB while trying to keep the audio/video sync?
2. Is there any option to force a re sync of audio and video after each of these errors?