Excuse me for my bad English.

I'm now owner of a "KNC One TV-Station DVB-C" (without Plus) with CineView Common Interface.
(Under Vista Home Basic 64bit 8GB Ram and 1,60GHz Intel Dual Core.)
This Card working good with the actual BDA Drivers from KNC for DVB-C/S/T Cards and ProgDVB 6.
I can see all uncrypted TV-Stations, but on encrypted TV-Stations is all black.
The Common Interface will not working.
(Only in "GlobeTV Digital" i can see encrypted TV-Stations.)

Before i has the DVB-C Card "WinTV Nexus CA with Technotrend Common Interface".
(Under XP Pro 32bit 2GB Ram and 3,20GHz Intel Celeron.)
With this Card and Common Interface worked ProgDVB 4 very good and i was happy.

The local Cable network LIWEST in my Town are full encrypted.
Only three or four of 200 TV-Stations are free because a problem with the Network encrypt Software.

I have Read in many Forums the BDA Driver has a general problem with Common Interface.
Where i open "Settings / Cam Interface" it comes the Message: "Waiting for data ..."
I has switched in "Settings / Device Options" between KNC, Terratec,
Technotrend and other BDA nothing will work with the Common Interface.

The Card Software "GlobeTV Digital" brings as backup WDM driver for vista.
(Were i install this i become a extra Setting for Common Interface on GlobeTV Digital.)
ProgDVB will not find the Card with installed WDM driver.

Can everyone help me with this Problem?

Thanks for reading this long and bad written post!

Long time of my last post and new test with ProgDVB on KNC DVB-C.
(My PC was assimilated by an Botnet, so i must new install Vista Home 64bit.)
Now i have tested ProgDVB 6.06.5 32bit and 64bit.
Both works great with uncrypted TV-Channels.

But the Channel Search is a little bit different.
(I have an modified Transponder List liwest.ini from 394MHz to 818MHz.)
On 32bit i can find all free and crypted TV and Radio Channels.
With 64bit i can find only the free TV-Channels under 506MHz.
The Channels are saved as the first MHz in the liwest.ini 394MHz.
By an single Search on 778MHz comes the free TV-Channel from 506MHz.
ProgDVB 64bit save the channel as foundet under 778MHz.
But the Channels running with any MHz on the Channel Properties.

With the Cineview Common Interface the same Problem as ever.
Eventualy comes in many Years a CI Plugin and
i must not more read: "Waiting for data ..."