Problem with ProgDVB Professional and Terratec Cinergy S2


Just bought the Profesisonal version of ProgDVB hoping to be able to watch the few HD channels on Astra.

But now I have the following problem:
My card is recognised and works, but ProgDVB seems to not be able to switch to S2 mode. For example on 11.914 H, the S2 transponder for Astra HD+ and Premiere HD, there is a signal strength of 0. All "normal" transponders work fine. The S2 transponders work fine with the original Terratec viewer software as well, so the card itself is OK.

Has anyone any hint? I hope I haven't bought the Professional for nothing ;-)


I have exactly the same problem: ProgDVB Professional and Terratec Cinergy S2.
I changed the device form {BDA} Cinergy S2 PCI Digital Tuner BDA.Device Version 1.50 to {BDA} Cinergy S2 PCI Digital Tuner anysee.Device Version 1.36.

I am sorry. I forgot one sentence.
I changed the device form {BDA} Cinergy S2 PCI Digital Tuner BDA.Device Version 1.50 to {BDA} Cinergy S2 PCI Digital Tuner anysee.Device Version 1.36.
It works with the anysee.Device.

I will try to play around with some settings in the "device options" but AFAIR I have tried every available option without luck. I will report back my experiences.

And - yes, I have the same problem with each DVB-S2 channel. The card seems to do not switch to S2 mode. Normal transponders work mostly fine (although each channel search returns a different amount of channels - and always less than in the original terratec software), but the few known S2 transponders on Astra have no signal (one exception occured - but as i looked closer to the channel it was just a "nearby" normal channel that showed some signal on the s2 frenquency).

Is there possibly another "ProgDVB ready" driver available for my card?

This is what I have found:

I run Windows XP Pro (32bit) with the latest drivers for my Cinergy S2 HD (at least the Cinergy software claims so).

For me the Cinergy S2 software does not (!) find any HD channels. I'm aiming at the Thor 3/5 satellite.

However, I tried the advice above and switched to "anysee.Device Version 1.36". This did in fact find the HD channels! Unfortunately the CPU load sky rocked so playback was very choppy. Also, ProgDVB behaves very strange - claming the no device is started. So every time I open it I need to do a device search (using the auto option) and then disable the "{BDA} Cinergy S2 PCI Digital Tuner BDA.Device Version 1.50" and enable the "anysee.Device Version 1.36".

Does anybody know if a P4@3GHz is enough to playback satellite HD channels? Video clips (720p, 1080p) that I have downloaded playback just fine.

Cheers / Foobar


1. Try select Azurewave/twinhan mode in settings->device options of bda.device

2. P4 3.x is minimum CPU for h264 channels. CPU load must be near 100%. But you can try change h264 codec. For example CoreAVC or PowerDVD

CPU load on h.264 may get reduced quite a lot, if your VGA card provides hardware support for this, more or less, and the codec in use can benefit there from.
Sometimes the VGA card manufacturers provide special solutions with their top grade retail bundled software packages, including codecs, that may be of interest getting 'borrowed'...
Generally, this is an issue outside of ProgDVB itself. This for we cannot really help everyone, to find an optimal performing solution for his hardware.

Find two nice HDTV areas at - one for America and one for Europe. Quite some details to be found there, on getting HW support from capable VGA cards' video acceleration functions.
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No luck with using the bda Device. I just can select one BDA Device ({BDA} Cinergy S2 PCI Digital Tuner), but with this device DVB-S2 fails as described earlier.

How can I manage to see the mentioned "anysee.Device"? foobar's solution seems fine, since my CPU is stronger - but I can't see the appropriate device.