Diseqc 1.2 with DVBWorld DVB-S2 PCI2004C


I've bought DVBWorld DVB-S2 card (http://www.worlddvb.com/product/htm/DVB-S2pci2004C.htm) but at the moment cannot make it work with ProgDVB to drive my motorised dish. The software which comes with it, http://www.worlddvb.com/html/softdown.htm, can drive the dish even using USALS mode. But I must admit this software is crappy.
When I select DVBWorld device in ProgDVB 5.14.7 only these supported functions are listed:
Transport stream
Full transport stream
22KHz control

And as a result no matter what I do I can't make ProgDVB drive the dish.
I tried the card first with a driver which comes with their crappy software http://www.worlddvb.com/down/V2.0%20DVB%20World.rar
This driver combines both WDM and BDA functionality.
I also tried pure BDA drivers from http://www.worlddvb.com/down/dw2002_2004bda.rar and selecting BDA device in ProgDVB but again Diseqc is not listed as supported for the card.

I also tried DVBDream and it seems to be able to drive the dish when used with WDM drivers (although USALS doesn't work in DD).

Am I missing something or ProgDVB doesn't support Diseqc 1.2 with this card at the moment?

Thank you

Well, with the lack of replies I should presume ProgDVB doesn't support Diseqc 1.2 with this card than and I have to switch to either DVBDream or DVBViewer.