HD channel problem with DVB-S2 Card (TBS Q-box II)

i have the usb 2.0 Q-box II DVB-S2 digital tv card.
using the last version of progdvb everything seems fine except the hd channels. i'm using it on Turksat 2A/3A
getting the signals for hd channels but no picture, only black screen.

i can see the codec settings on codec properties section when i'm watching a normal dvb-s channel,
but when i try to open a hd channel, there isnt any codec options coming out. (yes i tried all of the codecs, cyberlink, nvidia, coreavc etc)

my idea is, progdvb is acting like i have a non dvb-s2 card.

but on the other hand, the hd channels on Turksat 2A/3A can be watched by the old dvb-s cards too. cos the channels are not full hd and using old technology.

anyone having the same problem and want to help me ?

i sent a mil to progdvb and still waiting for the answer.