hauppage nove s plus- support

I recently purchased progdvb v.6, i is working perfect with hauppauge nove s plus, i can find the card listed there under and the card type is hauppauge.
my problem is:
i can't get v.4 to work with that card, and no listing for hauppauge in the card type list, no disecq switching happens when scanning, i have tried all the combinations. i also have tried to copy the bda.devise from progdvb v6 module folder and replace the one in the progdvb v4 and still it wouldn't recognize that card as haupauge.
I need v.4 because i want it to work with the bridge from dvblogic to get the channels mapped to vista MCE.

the card works perfectly with wintv and progdvbnet.

card type Hauppauge nova s plus.- latest drivers from their site.
OS. windows vista 32 with all the updates till today 16.01.09
progdvb v4 installed to c:\progdvb
progdvb v6 installed to c:\program files\progdvb

how can update the card type list to include happauge with the correct settings in v.4 as it is in v.6 ???
and what bda.device to use??

thanks in advance