Why my FlyDVB trio cardbus shown error when I start ProgDVB?

Hi buddy,
I got a FlyDVB trio cardbus (LR520, Analog TV+FM+DVB-T+DVB-S). After I install the driver, ProgDVB can find {BDA 713X} devices. I enable the devices include dvb-t, dvb-s. When I start ProgDVB, its shown errors:

[{BDA} 713x BDA DVBT Tuner] Run DBA graph error!
[{BDA} 713x BDA DVBT Tuner] Device not started!
[{BDA} 713x BDA DVBS Tuner] Run DBA graph error!
[{BDA} 713x BDA DVBS Tuner] Device not started!

Is ProgDVB support this card?

Re: .

Prog wrote:Try select only one device in device list
Thank you for your help. Is that your means ProgDVB support only one device at same time?

I'll try to that action.