Hauppauge Wintv Nexus with pcie video cards

I have a Technotrend s2300 (Hauppauge Wintv Nexus-s) running with XP sp3.
Works fine with the main board video Intel G33 Express chipset, but not work with my new video card ATI HD 4850 PCIe
I’m using the soft DVB-digital Tv & Audio ver 2.16a.
The sound is ok, but no image. The same problem with Progdvb, Altdvb, etc.


I have the TT Premium 2.19h drivers installed.

Is the same failure in Progdvb, Altdvb, etc

Only show image in soft mode. In hard mode the image is black.

then you installed only the driver ...

install driver and original Software and it will work ;)

btw. the issue : tt premium cards and pci-e boards was discussed many times in the past ...so just read the forum ...