DVBWorld DVB-S2 USB BOX cannot find some chanales

Hi everyone,

I need some advice. I recently purchased DVBWorld USB box with the intention to watch a few FTA chanales provided by ITV Partner on Eutelsat W2 - and in particular BNT Sat which is found at.

Eutelsat W2
Transponder B2
System: DVB-S
Freq: 11.014 GHz
Symb. rate: 27.500
Polar: Vertical
Modulation: QPSK
FEC: 3/4
Channel SID VPID APID Type Scramble DVB subs LCN
BNT Sat 6 34 35 TV service FTA No 18

Unfortunately however ProgDVB doesn't seem to find this chanal. I scanned many times the particular TP and the whole sattelite but cannot find BNT Sat. Actually it looks that all chanals provided by ITV Partner are missing. Did I do something wrong. :?:

I'm sure that the chanals are there because i can watch them on my Kaon based receiver with a subscription card fm ITV Partner. I use a 2 dish with Diseqc 4 to 1 setup.

Will much appreciate a good advice.

Best Regards, Krasi