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No DiSEqC with Creatix CT929 - Astra & Hotbird

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:16 pm
by DrNo123

I am using a Creatix CT929 (also sold as Medion card) DVB-S PCI card with W7 64-Bit. I tried the drivers Windows installs and also the latest version from the Creatix homepage but the following problem persists:

I am receiving Astra & Hotbird via 2 Quattro-LNBs which are connected to a multi-switch (9/12).

Within ProgDVB & MyTheatre & Windows Media Center I can scan and watch all Astra channels w/o problems. But as soon as I want to search or watch channels from Hotbird it doesn't work as if switching over to the second satellite wouldn't work. :cry:

I've really tried any available combination of settings in ProgDVB but it seems as if I am still missing something. Adding or removing the molex power cable to the card unfortunately doesn't change the situation.

Any hints on how to solve this? :?: Thanks in advance!

Cheers DrNo123

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 12:06 am
by Juergen
Are the other DVB applications able to switch position?
If yes, you should check device options in ProgDVB.
If not, supposed to be a driver issue...

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:54 am
by DrNo123
Thank you for your answer.

I tested again yesterday on two separate W7 installations (one with the basic Windows 7 driver and one with the newer driver from Creatix/Philips).

I was able to search & find the transponder 11.075 V / 27.500 / 3/4 on Hotbird (as an example) but the card didn't find all the channels that are available on this transponder. :-(

The Creatix support answered that their card dosn't work with all multi-switches - so there seem to be some compatibility issues.

In ProgDVB, MyTheatre and DVBDream scanning of the transponder mentioned above doesn't work at all. ProgDVB says 100% signal strength but the second bar is at 0. In DVBDream there is neither signal strength nor quality. So Media Center seems to be the only app which does switch the sats correctly.

Well I doubt that there will be new drivers for the Creatix cards in the future - was very happy to find W7 64 ones at all.

So I'll have to live with Astra only. :?

Other question: I am using the Enhanced Renderer with MS DVD-DTV decoders (also tried the PDVD9 codecs). I am not able to select de-interlacing anywhere. I guess this is caused by / based on the used renderer?!

Which renderer to use/install and where to look to configure a de-interlacing? With EVR when selecting Properties in der File menu I cannot configure anything at all.

Again thanks in advance.

Cheers DrNo123

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:00 pm
by Juergen
Deinterlacing is a matter of the codec's internal settings.
Availability of those depends on the codec itself.
It may be possible to access some from the menu of ProgDVB at playback time, file properties--> ...
Have a deep look in there. Post processing may have to be set active separately.
Some other codec bring their own settings menue in Windwos system control, even others are managed over the host application they come from.

Don't have your codecs here, so I can't test for you.

Anyway, the renderer should not be related with deinterlacing.