USB DVB-T stick no picture, no sound

I use a freecom digital TV receiver in form of an USB-stick. I downloaded the version of ProgDVB 6. I allready had power DVD 7 on my PC, so I own a legal Mpag decoder. Concerning my problem:
Trying the scan shows me a signal of 82 % and a quality of 100 %. The provider is "all german channels".
The result of the scan brings up no channels. So were is the problem???

Thanks for evry help,

i tried to scan in transponder scan.

There is again a signal of 82% but no Quality anymore.
I was trying different channels, lock them and did a scan. no result.

You know an alternative solution ?

thanx for it

thanx for your prompt help

but no improvement.

I tried out the stability mode. takes longer, but didnt change anything.

A year ago i used a dvb-t box and it worked perfectly. Nearly all channels were close to 90 % signalpeak.
But now i want to use the qualities of pc functionalitites.

So by now my options to test run out.

I would be pleased if you have another possibility to check.

thanx for it.