new twinhan + ci dvb-s card, bda driver capable only

hy, i bought a twinhan card with ci module and i discovered that it does not work with any of the twinhan wdm driver, nor does it work with any twinhan bda driver available in the dvb-applications forums or download sites.

the only driver it does work with is the bda driver delivered on the installation cd. the driver installs as an audio/video device and as a hid device and is named:

DTV-DVB Mantis BDA Receiver

Device Details:

the bda driver is capable of diseq, with the twinhan dvb-app diseq works like a charm.(well, the app is crap).
it doesnt work with any version of progdvb (yes, i tried bda.reg), neither with altdvb, but it works with the generic bda-dvb-s-device of dreamdvb, but in dreamdvb diseq doesnt work, not even with raw commands.

so what i am missing about this card is an app that has a plug-in interface as progdvb and that supports the mantis-bda diseq, because with dreamdvb i cant switch to hotbird. does any one of you know of a solution? thanks!