Skystar HD2 windows 7 driver issue

I just bought a Skystar HD2 , to get dvb-s2 support,but despite ALOT of messing around with drivers, i havent been able to make it run on Windows 7 32bit properly yet.

First i tried install the entire cd, including dvb vierwer, and supplied driver. That worked ok, i could use it from dvbviewer , but not from progdvb which is the goal.

Here is a little summary of what i tried, and what result were:

Tried technisat drivere : progdvb couldnt start the device. (I read somewhere that i must in device options, set it to twinhan/azurewave, but aslong as device not start, i cant do that )

Tried mantis driver from technisat cd: device doesnt start in devicemanager ,code 10.

Tried other twinhan / azurewave driver package, which all also gave code 10 in device manager.

From other posts i can see its working with xp, but if someone have it running on windows 7 (32 or 64 bit, doesnt matter, i will adapt) ,please let me know how/what you did to get it running in progdvb pro

Thank you in advance

Re: Skystar HD2 windows 7 driver issue

I have it running on win 7-64bit. Installed from the cd all that was requested. It is running with the te2 edition that came with the card. I haven't played with it much but it does move motor. And I do get a few ku stuff with the program te2. Have used it to do a little feed hunting also. It is a dumbed down ver. of dvbviewer but it does work. Hope that helps. Also when you install from the cd...give it admin. rights for install. foxtail.

Re: Skystar HD2 windows 7 driver issue

i had this crazy problem before it took me 3 days to fix it and finally i done it
the way is
unstill any driver u have on your computer
download this file ... iew&id=183
install the driver form this file u dont need to install any extra things like player
then after all that done you will be able to watch the normal channal on progdvb not the hd
to fix this put the sky star hd2 cd driver and update the 2 driver they belong to this card if you dont know them just install the cd like normal then when u run the prog dvb just choose bda combatble it wil work fine