Re: progdvb 64bit problem

Prog wrote:I am not have reports about that problems from other users. try use ProgDVB x32. Also try install ProgDVB not to program files directory.
I am another user with same problem.
Windows 7 x64
Technisat Skystar S2 PCI card.
Driver version:

With ProgDVBpro x64 device is not seen.
I am now using 32 bit version but I want to use 64 bit version which I paid for.

I actually ordered the SkyStar HD2 but they sent me S2 and as I now find our it is a totaly different card and they have supplied the wrong one.

The S2 does not have BDA driver but HD2 does. There is also another card with model SkyStar 2

I am requesting replacement.

I have heard of confusion over SkyStar model numbers so users should check exactly which card they have.