ProgDVB dont work well with VBox II

I have made several tryes with this setup, but this is simply no good program for controlling a VBOX with 18" motor. The ProgDVB Pro seem to be working for USALS, but not MPEG 1.2 ( VBOX and Actuator ) When I open the motor setup, the actuator starts and goes to end. Also when I try to shift satellite and other settings, the same things happen. I would really like to use this setup if it can be fixed, cuse I like the ProgDVB Pro very much !?

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Re: ProgDVB dont work well with VBox II

Oh . I have 3 posisioners ( VBox'es ), A Technomate, a GBox and a NextVision, but none of them work well with ProgDVb Pro. I also have a 85cm ofset dish on diseqc motor , and same problems, dont move, dont go to posision.

The first time I opened up the ProgDvb Pros motor setup, I reacted to the not so good impression to me. In regular STB's there's much more detailed motor setup, and they have no problems with the VBoxes I have used, why then is it such a hazzle in ProgDVB Pro`?
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Re: ProgDVB dont work well with VBox II

Now I have shortened the cable from the Technotrend TT S2-3200 card to the Tenomate VBox 2 from 4 m to 1 m. But all sumtons is the same. I pless "Go To " on ProgDVB Pro and it goes to the post. But pressing a channels the motor startes an goes to 000 ! I have to unplug AC to the the VBox 2 to have it on sat.

Is there a bug in ProgDVB Pro ?

Re: ProgDVB don't work well with VBox II

The motor system in ProgDVB Pro ver.:6.48.03 don't save the sat number as given to the VBox. I have tried 3 differend VBoxe's and this dont work ! And this must be fixed in future versions. I can dial the right sat number, but this takes a long, long time ! I've put the cables back to a STB ! Now all is back to normal ! ProgDVB is not up to stearing a motor via a VBox II ! I only hope the motor system in ProgDVB can be updated in later versions. we will see. but as I've bouth ProgDvb for 2 PC, this is very dissaponting ! The free versions works as good , minus the HD stuff only.
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Re: ProgDVB dont work well with VBox II

I number the satellites from east to west as the VBox need a ref. number to find back to a specific sat. This number i dialed up in ProgDVB PRO, and is saved in VBox, but not in ProgDVB !! Instead I allways have to dial back to the right number and then press "GoTo" . This is very annoying and should be fixed soon. I call 28.2 East "1" and 12.5 west "13" at the moment, but numbers can change as I scan more satellites with this dish. ( I have several )

So put in short, the same numbers should also be saved in ProgDvb , linked to specific satellite.

Much like regular sat tuners do it. They have an internal numbering of satellies supposedly from worldwide OEM agreements. Why can't ProgDVB have the same system ?