Re: TechniSat CableStar Combo HD CI

Thanks for your replies.

I think i´ve found the mistake.
Net.Framwork was not fully activated, and maybe i used the wrong setting, when i first installed ProgDVB.
First i decided to chose the only Technisat Device that was provided in the set up dialogue.

I have made a new installation of ProgDVB and now the scan is ok.
(now with azurewave BDA, thank you sky star)

But for some Reason i can´t find the main German free Channels (ARD, ZDF etc.)
I guess i have to spend more time to explore all settings :D .

But anyway it was much easier to get ProgDVB working, than the original Software from Technisat :mrgreen:

Re: TechniSat CableStar Combo HD CI

CableStar Combo HD CI –Box is a wonderful product from Technisat. It is works well with almost all systems. But the usual mistake like the activation of .NET framework is seen usually on all users. Actually the trouble comes since the Technisat does not provide .NET framework with their driver disk.