Skystar HD2 lose signal

Hi, I have a Skystar HD2 running with ProgDVB Pro 6.51.2 and sometimes my pc card loses his signal.
A few months ago, when I bought Pro version, that worked great, but with more and more updates it's getting worse, when I'm watching tv the image suddenly goes down, and I think it's from ProgDVB, because I have another dvb software installed and there's nothing wrong.

When it's ok, the small "padlock" on bottom left is unlocked, but when the image stops, the small "padlock" disappears and level and signal disappears too. When I close Progdvb and turn on again, the padlock appears again and it stays ok for 4/5 seconds, then disappear again. I don't know what to do, I'm getting with this situation.

My PC is: Intel Core I7 930 2.80Ghz, graphic card is Nvidia GeForce GTS 250, OS is Windows 7 (x32), the Skystar HD 2 driver version is

The codecs I'm using are:
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Re: Skystar HD2 lose signal

Sometimes I'm watching TV normally, for 1 hour or more, and suddenly the image stops, then I try to change to another channel and the little padlock and the level and signal bars dissapear, no signal. I close and turn on again ProgDVB and the signal returns, but after 4/5 seconds, disappear again.