help about using vs-dvbt310u

hi, i have a kworld hybrid tuner, analog and digital, in a dongle usb 2.0.
the progdvb, ver. 4.80.5, see the tuner but don't find any channel. i live in italy and in lnb section i setted the serch of all channel and in a second moment only italy but the result is always the same, no channel founded. the drivers are those of april 2006. is there someone help me? thank's

I had the same problem with a USB Hybrid Stick, the global scan didn't find anything so i had to scan each transponder individually for ProgDVB to be able to find channels.

Channel list -> Scan transponder

And then check each frequency to find the ones which are having a signal and when you'll find one, click on the Scan button at the bottom.