avermedia galaxy progdvb signal problem

avermedia tv card tv galaxy have 6.61.1 installed prodvb single triple LNB dish has 4 Turksat satellite channels are set to show all the channels set up for days when I watch the channel from prodvb in a certain time after the signal goes off and shoots the signal is good, this problem is causing the pc help be very happy if
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Re: avermedia galaxy progdvb signal problem

do not use stemming directly to lnb diseqc diseqc settings likely to be of ProgDVB wonder if you have cable, but I could not find prodvb diseqc setting
Watching more than the normal channel signal falls into the wrong channels prodvb pity and disappear again after some time looking up the pc is doing good reload baslatınca prodvb codec or any other settings you have likely already Thank you, Mr. admin bidet Can you help me about settings

Re: avermedia galaxy progdvb signal problem

I do not use diseqc diseqc settings, I guess my teacher does not need to

I find my real problem coming up next Turksat satellite channels while watching all the channels or multiple channels when the signals transition is going to show that l and q zero
satellite cable lnb using the new brand took the gold next 4 outlets and 1 2 recevier galaxy avermedia usb tv card I checked the cable depending on the setting of the problem is no wonder prodvb doing wrong operating system Windows 7 32-bit professional pro version 6.61.1 using OS prodvb help If you can get support from prodvb I talked with the officials said, avermedia sevinirim