Skystar USB HD problem with remote control

Yesterday I bought a Skystar USB HD and I'm having trouble to make his remote control working.
I'm using ProgDVB Pro 6.63.01 running with Windows 7 32 bits, and I cannot establish connection with the card.
With my previous card (Skystar HD2) I used a driver on keyboard that recognised the rc sensor, but this USB card doesn't have that.
I tried with all themodules on software (Universal HID control and Winlirc), and nothing.

I sent an email to technisat, here's the response:
Dear Joao,

many thanks for your email.

With regard to third party software we cannot give any support or

So thease recommendatios regard our DVBviewerTE2.
The remote control does not work in case of BDA drivers installed.
Please check wether there was installed the network adapter driver in the
device manager. Only with this skystaru2c.sys driver installed you can make
use of the remote control. Please notice that this driver has to be installed
with the installation routine of the original CD or the update.

Please carry out an online update for your skystar usb hd and download and
install the "RC plugin for skystar usb2" (Windows-Start, programmes,
DVBviewerTE2, DVBviewerTE2 Online update).
In our dvbviewerTE2 (after online update) you should set the tick under
settings, options, remote for "Skystar usb" and for "keaboard".

Now you should adapt the necessary functions for the buttons of your remote
control with the learn function.
Open the settings, options, remote, and choose "skystar usb" here please..
With the "learn"-button you should set the different functuions in combination
with the appropriate buttons on your remote control.

We hope we could have been of help.
Can ProgDVB Developers make a file to solve this problem?

Re: Skystar USB HD problem with remote control

No, I can't get any signal of remote control on pc.

On email they say that "Only with this skystaru2c.sys driver installed you can make
use of the remote control." and I have another driver that came with cd.
I'm waiting if they can send me that skystaru2c.sys driver to test it.

If I give you that driver can you make it compatible with ProgDVB?

Re: Skystar USB HD problem with remote control

If I am understanding them correctly, technisat are using a special virtual network device, to contact the IR receiver.
This is a very proprietary solution, and I am wondering, if anyone could re-use this for 3rd party software, without a full SDK, or heavy network sniffing on a working device...
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Re: Skystar USB HD problem with remote control

Here's the response from Technisat:
Dear Joao,

many thanks for your email.
Please excuse the type error. We mean the skynetu2c.sys driver of course.
In case the remote control won´t work with these settings please apply to your
dealer and let him check the whole device.
We hope we could have been of help.
I solved the remote control problem in DVBViewer, now it works great, by doing this:
- Copy plugin skystar.dll, which is located in DVBViewer TE / Plugins (Dvbviewer TE comes with drivers, so if you have already mahnale will need to re-install the drivers for the Skystar USB HD) and put it in Dvbviewer / Plugins.

- Copy, which is located in the root directory of Dvbviewer TE and put it in the root directory of Dvbviewer.

- Open Dvbviewer and enter the Settings / Options / Inputplugins and highlight Skystar USB

- Enter the Input, select the function you want to add and click Learn (picture will stop, let it not bother you) and press the appropriate command on the remote (when you press the button, your remote should be directed to the board Skystar USB HD and then by pressing the red light should blink a few times). On this screenshot you'll see how tag Number 9, press the number 9 on your remote and then click Apply in

Input menu

So now all the functions that you can add them in the same way.
But since I prefer ProgDVB Pro. because of its performance and I can organize my channel list numbers, I would like to have my rc working on it.

Is there any way based on this "clues" to make it to work on ProgDVB?