Terratec Cinergy C PCI HD - x64

I have a problem with this tuner, in windows 7 x86 it's working good with progdvb x32, but in 64 windows version (and progdvb 64) I get this error: [{BDA} Cinergy C PCI Digital Tuner] Device not started! How can I start the device in 64 bit version? (tuner is working with another dvb software in x64 windows)

Re: Terratec Cinergy C PCI HD - x64

I installed in another folder (created by me in C:) and it's working. Thanks. It's a general bug for x64 version, or only with my tv card?
Another question: can plugins work in x64 version (like vplug, in 32 bit it's working if copied in plugins folder of progdvb). The plugins menu show no plugins, even if I copy to plugins directory some plugins.