tevii s470 dvbs/s2

hi to all !
i have a tevii s470 dvbs/s2 i used it well for about one year but a few days ago suddenly i faced with no signal problem i use progdvb everything apparently is O.K no conflict or software failure but there is no signal at all i check other equipment all is o.k i ask manufacturer they recommend me to clean gold finger ,change windows ,change installation slat i do all but nothing happened.
after 3 day in last attempt before i take card to repair man i installed it in same slat and amazingly it start to work then after 2 day same problem happened.
i use win7 professional 32bit please let me know your experience in this regard

Re: tevii s470 dvbs/s2

behrooz1353 wrote:amazingly i notice that when i start to record a program with Progdvb problem happen any idea to solve it?
Signal depends on the very much things like weather(wind, snow, rain)- direction to satelite, condensate, oxidation of low-quality cables, its break and much of what.
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