Information about Twinhan Starbox USB

Hi group!

First, wanna say hi to everyone, and sorry for my english, i'm french! so gonna try to explain what I want to know!

I read a lot here about the Twinhan Starbox II USB, they sound to be a problem with Progdvb, but I want to buy a Twinhan Starbox USB, I think is not the II ... then I want to know if it's gonna work great with Progdvb??? I'm a newbie in this domain, but lot of experience with fta, but want to try diffrent stuff!! so good thanks in advance!
If you want, and if I can, gonna give you the link of the full specs for this unit!

Thanks again!

I've got Starbox II working with progdvb - just use WDM drivers for Twinhan data .
Have a problem switching 5 satellites, but if you have less then that amount, you should not have any problems.
be aware, that progdvb setup is not obvious, there is a learning curve, especially, when it comes to initial satellite scan ( difference by frequencies/ lnb, etc.).
Also, I wasn't able to get any EPG plugins working with it.

nospam wrote:I've got Starbox II working with progdvb - just use WDM drivers for Twinhan data .
Do you mean this driver ??? WDM Driver Supported Model twinhan data 1.727 from Twinhan

i am using 7021(StarBox) TwinhanDTV2.608a but i have a problem with prog that after while of opening the program the computer restarts

please confirm that you r using the first driver and works fine so i can try it

also the TwinhanDTV2.608a have a problem with it that the signal became too weak from 99% to 69%

thanks man waiting for your replay