skystar usb hd and diseqc

hello , i am considering a purchase of dvb software and tried many of them , so i liked progdvb , but i want to be sure that it meets my needs
my system is win 7 64bits , with Intel Core i7-3820 , x79-ud3 gigabyte board and a GTX 550 Ti with 8 giga kingstone @1600 MHz
my dvb card is skystar usb hd i have 2 lnbs first alone ( hotbird ) on seperated dish , the other on other dish ( nilesat )but shared with other recievers
to make diseqc working it was difficult , on progdvb diseqc
settings i tried all 4 but the only one worked is diseqc 1.0 , but hardware diseqc 1.0 , 2.0 switchs not working .
The only one i tried and worked was diseqc 1.2 ( don't have motor ) it was difficult to find.
i had problems with channels changing frequency and after every reboot channels changed the working become not working and vers versa
i figured it was the second lnb because it is shared with other , so i moved it to a seperated dish , and every thing working fine except some frequencies on hotbird
which are S2 with refresh rate 29900 or 29700 not working with L: 100% Q: 0% , any advice will be appreciated