New TV-Card

Hi, I used the last years a Hauppauge Nova HD S2 (PCI) and bought a Tevii S471 last week (PCIe). I'm wondering, why the sound sometimes sets out if I let ProgDVB run in the background and surf the web. On TV caputered videos, there are some faulty parts, too. It's only with the Tevii S471.

So, I would like to know what the problem is, are it the components of the Tevii S471 or the PCIe interface?

Re: New TV-Card

thanks, I only have one PCIe slot. But I will send the Tevii back and put my hauppauge back in the PC. Can you tell me a cheap DVB-T USB Stick that works perfect with ProgDVB?

Is the USB Stick MSI DigiVox Ultimate Pro with realtek chip ok?
And as a cheap DVB-S2 card with PCIe, what works fine with ProgDVB?

Re: New TV-Card

I am not have big collection of DVB-T but I think all DVB-T near same. Tevii is good manufacture. Try change some settings in BIOS or reinstall driver. This is looks like IRQ or other system resource problem.