Record one TV cannel while watching a second channel

I have an Avermedia Twinstar USB tuner. My PC is Widows 7, Haswell, lots of memory. DVB T. TV signal is strong.

Under Settings, TV sources I can see both tuners in the USB sticks. I can tune each channel all OK, but I can't find how to keep both tuners going with one recording and the other watching.

Can somewhere point me to a link to help solve this problem?

My software is ProDVB Professional, Registered v6 .95.05a

Doug :?:

Re: Record one TV cannel while watching a second channel

This is where I don't understand.

Here is what I do. If I click on a relevant channel, say just for this instance channel 2, and then select record in background, the recording process then starts for channel 2. Then say I then want to watch channel1, if I try to select it, it won't change to display the different channel. The only way a second channel starts displaying is when the first channel (channel2) stops recording.

Can you give me a step by step instruction? I have had the software and the tuners for years, but I have never got the software to record whilst I watch another channel.