SkyStar 2 eXpress HD, signal ok but channels not opening

Hi ProgDVB team,

I bought recently my new card (TechniSat: SkyStar 2 eXpress HD [4110/3734]), and I installed the drivers and the card worked fine.

However, it's not always stable, sometimes, when i turn on my computer and open the ProgDVB, it still shows signal, however, the channel doesn't open.

Then, when i restart, and try again it works!, and sometimes it doesn't work until i restart my computer 2 or 3 times! or until i unplug the power completely and restart.

Attached are two screenshots showing the green square at the corner when it's working, and the green square disappear when it's not working. However, there is signal on all the channels and satellites that i have!
Appreciate if you can advise/share your experience.

Thank you.

Re: SkyStar 2 eXpress HD, signal ok but channels not opening

Thank you for your input.

No. I stopped the startup services that might cause conflict:
Server4PC (It comes with Technisat Skystar software)
ProgLauncher Application (Installed when you install the ProgDVB)

Bearing in mind that i didn't face this issue with my old SkyStar PCI in the last 8 years!
I just changed the card and driver and started to face this issue.
I still have the same cable, LNB's, DiSEqC switch ... etc.

I wanted to test another software "DVBV****r" and I got the following message:
"All capable DVB Adapters are busy. No free Device has been found!"

My question is, In which cases does the green square disappear in ProgDVB?
If I format my PC, could that solve this issue? Shall i give it a try?
Do you think my SkyStar card is defected/damaged?

Thank you again.