Terratect Cinergy T2 HD ... DVB-T2 Support?


I recently bought the above Stick and it works great with ProgDVB x64 Std. (since I just can't get the Terratec DVBViewer to work). However, the device offers DVB-T and DVB-T2, but ProgDVB can only use DVB-T. Once I try to activate the DVB-T2 Device it tells me "Device not startet".

Any idea what this could be? Driver (since DVBViewer can't even find channels with the DVB-T2 device, only with DVB-T, even though it cannot show them), Software issue, x64/x86 problem?

I'm running ProgDVB 7.5.8 x64 (will update to 7.6 today), installed to Program Files (but portable) on a Windows 8.1 Update 1 x64 system.

Any input is welcome! :-)