CSC runs correct only on first selected channel

Please Note: That I own a valid PayTV subscription and I use this plugin to access my Card within a separate Cardreader, because my SkyStar USB Plus has no internal CA-Slot.

I have installed ProgDVB 6.01 Pro with the WinCSC 4.002 plugin.

The first (manuel) selected channel will be correctly decrypted even when recording.

When I try to record a second channel on the same transponder (record in background), no new instance of the csc.dll will be used.

When I create the subfolders Av0, Av1 and Av2 in the modules subfolder and copy the csc.dll and the csc.ini in each folder strange things on startup will happen:

1. The Message "Menu ID <........> conflict ..." appears 3 times
2. In the modules Menu 3 Entries of the csc-plugin are shown (as expected)

... but decoding is only on the first selected channel ... when I close the program, ProgDVB raises an exception and sometimes a bluescreen.

For me, the Pro-Version with its multiple "record in background" feature is totally useless, if I cannot decode them.

In AltDVB 2.2 everything worked fine (on my 32-Bit Server).

Any idea to fix this behavior ?

Thanks in advance

Re: CSC runs correct only on first selected channel

Hello, i Found the Problem. With the Last Engine 5 this problem is again. In Version 4 of Engine ProgDVB 6.61.1 is the last with this Engine, Work Fine. y Tried with CSC, WinCSC, ClientNCS & Acamd(best) work Very good in Engine 4 but in ProgDVB 6.65 to the last 6.72.3 not work. this happens with many plugins. which I tried are for Newcamd, but with CCcam is the same Problem (Hadu and Others) and I have not tried it but I think Vplug does not work with multiple channels. Only the last that opens. Again with Version 6.61.1 Engine 4 works fine but I have problems with Network Module. Problems that in the latest version are corrected. I would appreciate it implemented in the new Engine 5.1. thanks