Prog Media server problem with second client

Hi Everybody,

I run Prog Media Server Edition: 3.41

Only one client is running (VLC) But the connected client status is 2

Maximum clients: 2
Connected clients: 2

What is this second client about? When trying to open the second VLC client it doesn't work... What gives?

Channel Type Clients shows only one client

France 24 (en Francais) TV 1
France 24 (in English) TV 0

Any insight as why the second client cannot work?

Thanks for your help

Prog Media server


Thanks for you reply... Could you please be more specific? I cannot understand your reply nor can I figured out what you're trying to explain...

However, I am on a free trial with Prog media server and same issue is surfacing. Before I connect any VLC, I have one client running and displayed on the server page while none of the selected channel are actually running... What is this client about?

Again, as soon as I launch the two VLC, both channels are displayed as connected clients, while overall client counts shows a number of 3 out of 30 authorized... What is this third client about when only two clients are running?

See details below:

Prog Media Server
Edition: 3.41
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Maximum clients: 30
Connected clients: 3 (where is that third client from?)

list.m3u channel list for player.
Channel Type Clients
France 24 (en Francais) TV 1 (1 is the client status : connected)
France 24 (in English) TV 1 ( same as above)

Hi Prog,

will you fix that bug anytime soon?

Actually, VLC works fine with the free version...
When the bug is fixed, we should be able to run 2 VLC ...

Because of the bug, one VLC only is currently allowed in free prog media server.




The bug appears on every versions! free, small and large network!

When 30 clients are allowed, not such a problem, when 500 clients are allowed, no more an issue, However when 2 clients only are allowed, this bug is a real issue.

The best way to fix that bug would be to allow one more client on free progmedia serveur:

If you allow 3 clients instead of 2 then 2 client could actually connect... and everything's fine!

Could you do that please?