No picture, only tone with private stations

Normal transmitters (public) run - inclusive in HD.

With freely free-to-air private stations the program requires various other video codec.
The older Elecard AVC PlugIn had installed for ProgDVB 3,0 as well as the LAVFilters-0.61.2-x64, but I cannot select those thereafter in ProgDVB. ???
What can I do and/or how I must proceed that the private stations in SD are shown?

Which further free Plugin alternatives are there?

Thanks for assistance.

Re: No picture, only tone with private stations

Очень по теме подходящая ситуация, но происходящее совсем другое.
Исходные условия:
ProgDVB 7.08
Система : W 8.1 2 монитора
Режим Прог : Фул Скрин - Окно не имеет значение.

Вызываем ControlPanel-Personalise-Screen Saver

Иииии и привет GUI полностью мертво.

Re: No picture, only tone with private stations

В настройках интерфейса стоит-отключать всегда заставку win?
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