ProgDVB for IPTV use

Good evening all,

I recently started to make use of a paid IPTV service and firstly installed Kodi on my MiBox Android TV box, but evenyually found Prog TV for Android, which led me to explore ProgDVB.

Firstly I think ProgTV is brilliant and with a few changes could be untouchable.

However, my question is regarding ProgDVB.

I installed this to see if I can set it up on my PC to then set Prog TV for Android up to connect to my PC. However when I used ProgDVB to watch live TV I noticed that the "live stream" jumps often back a few seconds and then plays that section of the stream again.

This happens often and also means if you record something that it shows on there as well. I currently have ProgDVB set up to use 2GBs of on my hard drive, which is actually an SSD drive.

Is there something I can set in ProgDVB to try and solve this jumping back? Or is using ProgTV a better option to use on my windows PC?

Many thnx in advance.

Re: ProgDVB for IPTV use


I'm currently evaluating ProgDVB + ProgTV Professional on a Win 10 PC to be used exclusively for an IPTV subscription and I have EXACTLY the same issue. When I start a stream all is good but it will then skip back about 20 seconds or so and re show the stream from there. It can do this several times over a period of a couple of hours (typically watching a football match) and the end result is that by the end of the game the stream is up to 3 minutes behind where the stream should be.

I have a multi user account with my IPTV provider so I've started the same stream on ProgDVB + ProgTV Professional and using another client on a laptop and whilst the stream runs continuously on the other client (which is clunky to use so not as user friendly as ProgDVB) but ProgDVB + ProgTV Professional always does this regardless of what channel is being streamed, it is a constant issue which I'd like to resolve before I buy the license.

Re: ProgDVB for IPTV use

Hi All,

Glad that someone else is having this issue. Started using ProgDVB again on my PC, but experienced the same issues again.

I think it must have something to do with the time shift buffer or something.. just a guess though.

With that said have anyone figured out why this is happening?