ProgTV and ProgDVB Default Playlist


I would like to ask if there is a default playlist address for the progTV and progDVB.
The user has to specify the M3U URL containing the playlist every-time the program is reinstalled.
Is there a way we can provision this automatically to the client application or is there a default location where to fetch the playlist?


Re: ProgTV and ProgDVB Default Playlist


No, we don’t reinstall the application everyday but we are testing your software if its possible that we can implement your software to our system.
We are a cable tv service provider and we just started exploring progtv. We think that its a nice software and we are also thinking of buying the software if it fits to our requirement.

We have android boxes and smart tv boxes deployed on our clients. We only tell them to download the app to view our multicast streams.

What we want is:
1. On applications start up it will send a notification of the type of device being used. This is for us to identify the screen profile or video resolution.

Say for example:
If its from a small screen device it will send a playlist:

For videos that are displayed on big screen tv:

2. The information can be retrieved from dhcp option where the default-site location is inserted, or from a static default playlist embedded in the application, or from a network broadcast.

A network broadcast is: it will send a playlist request to and when the server that is listening from broadcast recieves the message containing the device type and the request, it will send the corresponding playlist.

A default static playlist could be (if possible):
Or http://<network gateway ip>/playlist.m3u

Our system has two different playlist:
Playlist 1 contains low resolution
Playlist 2 contains high resolution

The goal is:
The playlist should be automatically loaded to the app on application startup without the client configuring the playlist link.

When the client had finished installing the app. The application will automatically detect and download the type of playlist that it needs.

By the way, same applies to the EPG it should have a default EPG location or dynamically retreived from a server.

Also, we have concerns with the videos. We can’t set the default aspect ratio to free. All the videos has to be manually changed to free. Is there a way we can include the aspect ratio, channel number and channel name in the m3u playlist?

Thanks so much.

Hope you can support us on this one.


Re: ProgTV and ProgDVB Default Playlist

Prog wrote:
Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:05 pm
More simple and typical way is url of m3u. For example for send params and take good m3u list. But for money I can do any way for you:) Please mail me directly.
I wonder if you are thinking of doing all that for this service provider and not for everybody that uses Android ProgDVB?you are very short on words to respond to the thread poster requests? is anybody denying a fee as you do for PC?maybe you can't make it to work as good as in the PC,otherwise you would charge one time fee for Android? i wonder?.if so just say it.

Re: ProgTV and ProgDVB Default Playlist

We are systems integrator and also digital cable TV provider. We have FTTH (fiber to home) installation. Our content is transmitted via multicast (IGMP). We have full control over our CPE/Modem/ONU (Optical Node Unit). We can fully control which multicast can pass-through a specific device. We have control over the network at Layer 2. This means that we have control over multicast or broadcast traffic.
Our requirements are:
1. A playlist server from the headend can be accessed or requested via multicast or broadcast. The playlist should be automated to the user. The APK or the android app should connect to a server and download the specific playlist and EPG. Depending on the type of device, the android application will request to the server in the network for the specific playlist and EPG.
2. We need a software to get the viewing statistics of the transmitted streams. We need to get this data for the management to analyze whether there are viewers on a specific channel.

Please inform me if this is possible for you to do. So that, we can arrange in the management for whatever arrangement that we can discuss.