Teletext subtitles in Norwegian

I have try to get this problem fixed before, but it's still the same. The letters ÆØÅ and æøå doesn't work and give this letter instead { \ }.
F.ex if you read the subtitles it write: Han \nsket } komme hjem og v{re med oss idag, should be: Han ønsket å komme hjem og være med oss idag. In english it means He wanted to come home and be with us today. I hope your staff can look into it and fix this problem. Progdvb is a very good program and this destroy the whole program for norwegians people. I have tried to change codepage and everything but nothing work. Please try to fix it.

Re: Teletext subtitles in Norwegian

When I watch it in Progdvb I have subtitles, but if I watch it in VLC i don't have any subtitles, because the srt file is empty. I think maybe this is a stupid question to ask you, but have you put the downloaded files in "C:\ProgramData\ProgDVB\Record\Discovery Science NO". I deleted the srt file, but I still have subtitles in the ts file I uploaded to you when I watch with progdvb..

Re: Teletext subtitles in Norwegian

I don't have:
TV Source->Add TSReader
Options->Modules Enabled TS Reader
Open channel
Service->TS Recorder.
I have to use:
Service>Start Recording.
Yes it is IPTV.

When I put the uploadet ts file I uploadet to you, into "C:\ProgramData\ProgDVB\Record\Discovery Science NO" I have teletext, when I play the file with Progdvb. This have to be something to do with the codepage. It's very strange that ÆØÅ and æøå is working fine with danish subtitles, but not with norwegians subtitles.