Re: Scanning issue

I have only single source is IPTV Client (I won't have official list)
so i use Blind Search for find channels list :-)


scan only success with factory port 5000 to 5000 but have no channel at all.

if i change port range: 1234 to 1234 or 10000 to 10000 on version 7.0.5 , it simply crash.
back to 7.0.3 OK

ProgDVB crash 7.05 on scan, unusable for IPTV client (i won't use any hardware card or USB DVB-C/T)

i did apply log file but how do i send a log file to staff of ProgDVB ?
so is easy to debug for staff ?

Thank you for your help.

Re: Scanning issue

ProgDVB and are both freeze after blind scanned 37 channel on IPTV client! regression bug
ProgDVB back to success can scall all range 239186.68.1 to 239.186.255 port 10000 under same condition but no video at all !
back to rtp mode=auto work well just slow blind scan :-)

- no DVB card
- 6.1.76001 32bit english
- cpu: Intel Core2 T7400@2.16GHz
- codec, graph, renderer = no change, factory
- all kind of error messages, including cause, if mentioned: no channel, just freeze
- did a cold reboot help = no

Re: Scanning issue

win7 home premium sp1 32bit
v7.06.5 improved blind scan time it take 20min at time a have deleted file was fantastic result:
the wrong side effect, i was unable to see any video, only audio worked.

now blind scan take 1h10 for range ip to but i have both video/audio.

v7.06.6 i'm unable to do the same.
if you can solve the time scan between file and no file ?
i have only IPTV client without url list channel reference. (our provider won't want to give us the url)

blind scan time count is wrong from the 1st release i had tested until now.
is correct if less than 1h00 for scanning.

i'm not sure i'm clear, maybe you understand, i hope.

Re: Scanning issue

Is there exist any universal service discovery can found service from operator IPTV like digital tv cable DVB-C does auto found service available and show/store all channel in less than 10min instead a full blind scan token env. 55min discover all channels where result is not accurate and not friendly autoclassified by operator numbering does.
Result too many channel scrambled without channel name and unable to find name and few open tv channel i can rename manually but is hassle free time consuming.
thank for improve Channel blind search

win7 home sp1 english
ProgDVB Network edition
IPTV client
scanned range using RTP: auto port: 10000 - 17min - 19min - 17min

Re: Scanning issue

thank you for your support, our operator won't support SAP (did not discover anything) or is not standard SAP from VLC !

win7 home premium sp1 english
7.07.5 pro updated to pro is unable to watch any channel iptv and nor blind scan (found no channel)
totally unusable for IPTV.
please test without debugger or review your codes

back to 7.07.5 pro overwrite the "new" build i can play everything above OK

Re: Scanning issue

Try watch channel after a successful blind scan IPTV and look properties of every channel
your code mixing IPTV url and another fonction
[Mhz mis/plp=0] unrelated to channel url properties and should go away.

Scanning [IPTV client]

udp://@ mis/plp=0 <<--- actual bad from v7.07.07b
udp://@ <<-- good after manual update
udp:// <<-- good after manual update

win7 home sp1 english
ProgDVB Pro
IPTV client only (all others are unselected at install.
scanned range using RTP: auto port: 10000