Motor not working properly

Vista 64-bit, Progdvb 6.03 Pro (32bit) (trial, 14 days left), SkyStar HD2 (need HDTV). I can program and store satellite positions, motor moves correctly when need to scan transponders. But when stations scanned and saved, motor doesnt move, if station choosen from lists of various satellites... IT seems to be a bug.... Exists ProgDVB native 64-bit Professional (HDTV) with working motor for SkyStar HD2 ???
SS HD2, Vista64-bit

Yes certainly. Before i had WinXP + SkyStar 2 (SD card) and motor worked OK with free progDVB version 4.x Now I upgraded to new comp having 64-bit Vista and SkyStar HD2 (HD card) and I ran into problems. No problem to buy Profes. version having HD features, but first, the basic functions (as motor moving is) it must work... I used exact howto dowloaded from here: and it behaves other as described. Checkmarks are not green but black, positions numbers are stored correctly, but if invoked stored channels, motor dont move. When scanned various satellites motor moved correctly = hardware it works, but there is a software bug when using station lists.... please help, whats wrong?
SS HD2, Vista64-bit