EURO 1080

I have installed as second card a tecnisat HD with my old twinhan 1030(WDM). With technisat program I can see from eutelsat 7W3 LUXE HD and also euro 1080 HD5 and HD4U. I can not see HD1 or Exqi because I dont have yet the CI module. Can anyone tell me if I can use the CI off twinhan using technisat HD for reception. The problem I have is that with progdvb 4.82 I can detect and watch luxe HD in HD format on 10899 but I cannot even detect euro 1080 channels on 10880 V 17360 3/4. They give no signall at all. I use elecard edition with elecard AVC plugin for progdvb (I bought them both). I see that the modulation field is not accesible. At the same time (i mean after a wille not in parrallel) I watch them from technisat program ok!

You have to buy a CI module for the Skystar HD ....the one from the twinhan will not work with an other card...

btw. what has this to do with progdvb ???

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I have found that progdvb does not yet support S2 so that’s the reason I can see only LUXE HD because its running in mpeg4 avc/h.264 but in DVB-S I believe. As for the CI question maybe progdvb could recognise the CI from the second card internally or with a plugin maybe but anyway it’s O.K. It's a hardware question.Thanks!