Internet Gate server - DM1105 DVB-S PCI Card


I have this card DM1105 DVB-S PCI Card using filename DM1105.device.

It was shipped with progdvb 4.72.3 [0.78]. It work well with this version. But sometimes problems occurs.

This version does not include Internet Gate.

I have downloaded several 6.xx versions, including 6.41.1. All these crashes many times.

I need to run the progdvb server installation at one place and watch satellite using internet gate at another place.

The progdvb server should run unattended.

After long time, I now managed to install internet gate v.6.41.1.

Now I can get the channel list. But no picture arrives. When trying to change channel, progdvb (server side) crashes!!

I tried all the available video codecs and renderes. Nothing showed up.

Prog Media Server (HOME):

Before that I tried ProgMedia sever module. It works perfectly on my intranet, but NOT thru internet. My upload speed was 1 mbits/s and I upgraded to 2 mbits/s. This did not help watching using progmediaserver over internet. I get slow traffic on prog media client about 20-180 kbs/s!! The prog media server says about 600 to 800 kbs/s.

It seems that the newmi module on your webpage is the same as my files on cd-rom.

Port forwarding:

I have forwarded these ports 10990-11050 to progdvb server. And firewalls are off!

Any help getting this to work.


Re: Internet Gate server - DM1105 DVB-S PCI Card

Could you please provide a step-by-step instructions on setting Internet Gate Server.

And what is the minimum upload speed/bandwith required for good transmitting.

Second: How to set up progdvb and vlc to stream satellite channels.

I found version 4.72.3 (provided with sat card) to be the most stable version working with my card.

Could you please provide better support for this card?