Scanning issue

Hi. I have some scanning problems. I made *.m3u list containing all channels and set progdvb to read from it, but it simply nothing happens. Scanning process runs trough all channles included in the list but it adds nothing. Here is a screenshot of what i'm talking about.
I tried to made the list by simply putting all http://*.*.*.*:**** adresses inside, try to made it with udp://@;*.*.*.*:* but in both cases the result is the same Also made a blind search - same thing! Any ideas?

Re: Scanning issue

I did - same s*it :( When I choose transponder and hit lock the level bar goes to 100% and quality bar goes to 100% too but only for a sec. then it goes back to 0 (if anyone know why....please tell me!). Pressing scan button gives no result.

Re: Scanning issue

Yes, I'm sure. If use VLC it rus without problem. But when it comes to ProgDVB...boom! Something's wrong!
The only thing I have to do is to run the player trough proxy server but I set this up in ProgDVB. I really don't know what is wrong. I set the correct proxy address, made m3u list by myself with 100% correct IPs and ports....

Re: Scanning issue

It is HTTP proxy and does not require authorization. And yes, I did try direct links without proxy but still nothing. I also did try numerous different settings in the ProgDVB itself and in my router - turned off all restrictions, port forwarding, turned off firewall....and so on, and so on......nothing helps! :(

Re: Scanning issue Swisscom IPTV streams

hello, is it possible to accelerate Blind Search on IPTV Client ?
From: Port 10000 ... 10000

Switzerland, Swisscom IPTV

time spend: +4h40 for scan the above range successfully, just loose a lot of time ;-)
Is it normal slowness scanning for IPTV Client ?
or i simply missing some steps ?

medium: time search 1h10 for 255 ip address of 1 full range
no proxy on ProgDVB

version used: ProgDVB v7.04.3

Thank you for your help