SkyStar HD2 Driver Installation problem

Hi to all,
I recently purchased a SkyStar HD2 but after installing the drivers from the included CD, the "C:\Program Files\TechniSat DVB" folder is empty, so I have no Server4PC.exe and when I run ProgDVB no channels are viewable.
I also tryed to download an updated version of the instalation package from the TechniSat web site but the problem persists.
I use Windows 7 64 bit.
Any help would be apperciated and thank you in advance for any reply.



Re: SkyStar HD2 Driver Installation problem

Hi Prog,
sorry for my delay in replying. The problem was that not all the channels were visible, also the free ones.
I solved the problem in this way:
- Uninstalled everything
- Downloaded updated drivers from Technisat site
- Downloaded and installed 32 bit version of ProgDVB instead of 64 bit
- Rescanned channels

Everything works fine now.